Print Luxe Sherpa-Lined Fluffle Padded Playmat in Seaside Cafe Stripe

$84.00 CAD$51.00 CAD

Is baby going to play? Is baby going to nap? Is baby going to kick those chunky legs and flail those chubby little arms? Only baby knows! Fortunately, though, KicKee has got an ultra-soft padded playmat at the ready for whatever baby can cook up. Unfortunately, our playmats are not large enough to carpet a whole house. Darn.

  • KickKee Bamboo Luxe Blend + Sherpa Lining + Fluffle Filling
  • Crafted from 64% viscose from bamboo 24% organic cotton 12% spandex + 100% Poly Sherpa Fleece + 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • Filled with lofty polyester batting
  • Hypoallergenic, BPA-free
  • Measures 34"" diameter

KICKEE Bamboo Luxe Blend + Sherpa Lining + Fluffle Filling

Carefully constructed for ultimate comfort, our 64% Viscose from Bamboo (organically and sustainably grown), 24% Organic Cotton and 12% Spandex, Luxe Blend offers plenty of stretch for maximum mobility, as well as wicking and lounge level comfort that will still keep you fresh, dry, and cool during workouts and outdoor activities. Fluffle filling is 100% Lofty Polyester Batting. 100% Poly Sherpa Fleece Lining.
Fit and Care Notes: No fuss care – machine wash and tumble dry low.